Samsung NX10 Hybrid Camera with APS-C matrix and AMOLED screen

Monday, January 4, 2010

Samsung has announced its first hybrid cell NX10, which we have already reported in the news. Recall this interesting product takes an intermediate position between traditional SLR and compact "soap box". Samsung NX10 has no built-in mirror, like a DSLR devices, but it uses interchangeable lenses and has a number of features, which are typical for DSLRs.

For example, the Samsung NX10 features a large matrix of CMOS APS-C size 14.6 megapixel resolution, allowing to increase the threshold sensitivity and reduce noise in images with insufficient light. By the way rate sensitivity of the new camera varies between 100 and 3200 ISO. In addition, there is a function Smart Range, extending the dynamic range and restores the details in overexposed or too dark pictures.

In addition, the manufacturer equipped the hybrid camera Samsung NX10-quality 3-inch AMOLED display, giving a much more vivid and sharp image and more accurate color reproduction compared to traditional LCD screen. Besides AMOLED displays have a much wider viewing angle. Among other things, the camera Samsung NX10 is equipped with a new image processor DRIMe II Pro and the autofocus system is far superior to the speed of their counterparts in other bezzerkalnyh cameras with interchangeable lens. In terms of speed performance is close to the autofocus system in DSLR apparatus.

Note also the function of shooting high-definition video at 720p as a record in H.264 and HDMI port for connection to modern TVs. Optical image stabilization system compensates for shaking as with the shift matrix, and the displacement of the lens. A light-sensitive sensor has an automatic dust removal. Hybrid Camera Samsung NX10 will be delivered in black and silver case performance, as well as an option for her would be offered a zoom lens 18-55mm. Sales of the device should begin closer to the spring of this year, its value has not yet specified.