Saundbar LG HLB54S - stylish solution and surround sound home theater

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Company LG Electronics has unveiled a multimedia device all-in-one HLB54S - Blu-ray player, built-in thin sound panel, which provides wireless connectivity. Occupying a minimum of space, this versatile home theater with wireless subwoofer delivers high-quality 4.1-channel surround sound with total output of 430 Tues

Blu-ray player with an automatic slot-loading is located on the center panel, providing easy access to the drives. The system provides a wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection, receiving streaming video from YouTube and the additional content through the profile BD Live. Surround 4.1-channel surround sound allows viewers to be in the center of events occurring on the screen, without interlocking wires and speakers. Wireless subwoofer provides deep bass, making watching movies more realistic. HLB54S system is compatible with most modern standards of digital audio, including Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, and also supports a certified standard lossless DTS HD Master Audio Essential. To ensure the best quality video and audio HLB54S connected with other peripheral devices with interface HDMI 1.3.

Connect a wireless subwoofer is easy, simply plugging it, and it automatically establishes the connection with saundbarom. Two input HDMI connector provides a direct connection to the multi-functional home theater HLB54S variety of devices (cable and satellite decoders, video game consoles). HDMI output jack lets you connect HLB54S to most TVs, including a mounted on the wall, with a single cable.

In addition, HLB54S model reproduces the audio and video files to your iPod without losing quality to it can also connect MP3 players, mobile phones, computers, digital cameras and the USB drives from other manufacturers. HLB54S can not only play music from USB drives, and convert audio CD to MP3 files and record them on USB drives. In Russia the market of a new multimedia device HLB54S Blu-ray Sound Bar will appear in January 2010.