Set "Minifon: Minifon phone with SIM-card and tariff plan

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cellular operator "MegaFon", presented in its own sales offices set "Minifon" - Minifon compact phone with a SIM-card and payment plan. When a contract for the provision of telecommunications services and making an initial payment into the account of the subscriber receives phone as a gift

Minifon TDS12-1 - a tiny phone that works only in "MegaFon". The length and width of the device is smaller than a credit card (80h49 mm) thick - only 10 mm and weight - 69, the telephone has a contrast monochrome display with LED backlight, the battery allows the device works up to 100 hours. Minifon supports basic services of the standard GSM - voice calls and SMS. The device will be of interest to subscribers as a second phone, but will also be a good solution, for example, for children and elderly people.

In phone kit "Minifon" is SIM-card with the tariff plan. When you connect to the proposed fare and making an initial payment (about 500 rubles), the subscriber receives a free machine. In the Metropolitan branch of OAO MegaFon, 500 Rubles initial payment includes 165 minutes of local calls (valid for payment 30 days). Sets "Minifon already available in most regions of Russia. Sales in Siberia and the Far East, the product is scheduled to begin in 1-2 months.


Anonymous said...

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