Sony is not satisfied with the e-paper color quality

Friday, January 29, 2010

Previously, we reported that Sony is engaged in development of devices for reading electronic books on the basis of color electronic paper. Question about the current state of these developments referred to the Director of the Digital Reading Business Division, which is developing the bukriderov, Fujio Noguchi (Fujio Noguchi) in an interview given resource Tech-On!. In his opinion, at present, all work stopped, because none of the available models of Sony color e-paper does not have "sufficient" quality.

He noted that the quality of the products is a priority for development because the market at the moment is great competition, since the classical device for reading electronic books have to compete with smartbukami and tablets, such as the recently presented Apple iPad. But, according to Mr. Noguchi, y bukriderov have a significant advantage - electronic paper retains the ability to read much longer than LCD screens. Therefore, Sony is betting it on the device with electronic paper, because the main thing for this type of gadget is readability.