There was an official announcement of store applications for Android smartphones Motorola - SHOP4APPS

Friday, January 22, 2010

Motorola has officially announced the opening of his store in China, applications for Android smartphones - SHOP4APPS, where you can buy and download applications for Android phones from Motorola, purchased in China. Begin work shop, as the company promises, with the advent of Chinese New Year. In addition, the new Android phones Motorola will be available and new features, where their users can search for applications on their favorite supplier.

According to a Motorola, SHOP4APPS is an extremely flexible application delivery platform, where one of its key features are:

  • Open applications designed specifically for you: SHOP4APPS adapts to user preferences, and invites him to those programs that should be of interest to him in the first place.
  • Disposable loading or purchase from the storage life: the ability to use the history of downloads and purchases (application service "My Locker") in the case of restoring the phone (after reset) or accidentally deleted applications.
  • Promoting Innovation: Developer provides a simple and effective way to showcase, sell and distribute their applications for Android-devices in China.