YouTube launches video rental service

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's news on YouTube are not limited to the appearance of this experimental service support web standards HTML5, which allows users to do when watching videos without having to install additional applications, for example, Adobe Flash Player. The largest global broadcasts also launched in the near future a new type of service, which allows to take some movies rented for a modest fee.

It is reported that the video rental service will begin work as early as this Friday, January 22. At the same time to begin distributing the service YouTube is planning to five films included in the program of international film festivals for independent film Sundance (Sundance) 2009 and 2010, which will be available until the end of this month. In addition, the creators of the Service promised that the list of films and programs that can be hired in the near future will expand.

But what specific movies might be in the rolling list of YouTube, is not reported. Only mentioned that their number will include educational films, and films about health. Also, nothing is known about the possible video hosting partner in this project. To be able to use the services of rolling service YouTube, a user will have to create account in the service of processing online payments Google Checkout. It is not clear whether it would be to pay for renting movies to use the services of other payment systems, for example, PayPal