Acer will release a "trump" MacBook Air competitor

Friday, February 12, 2010

Acer is planning to release ultra-thin notebook this year. The model has not yet received the title, is positioned as a direct competitor to the ultra-thin product Apple - laptop MacBook Air, and will also have a processor with low energoptorebleniem. However, unlike the rest CULV notebooks, Acer model will be built on the platform Intel Calpella, allowing it to have a capacity of classical laptop. The thickness of the model will be 1.9 cm, ie be exactly the same as a MacBook Air.

Platform Calpella processors can use the Intel Core i5 and i7 ULV processors, but Acer has not yet announced which of the processors will be the basis for a system for ultra-thin notebooks. The base rate of these processors is not too large - 1.2 GHz, but the use of Intel Turbo Boost technology allows you to "disperse" them up to 1.86 GHz and 2.26 GHz respectively.

Designing such an ultra-thin notebook from Acer motivated by a desire to press the largest manufacturer of computer equipment - Hewlett-Packard. In this case, by some accounts, the model of thickness 1.9 cm smaller any of their analogues, HP, and should become a "trump card up his sleeve."


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