Adobe introduced AIR technology for mobile devices, and is preparing to release Flash 10.1

Monday, February 15, 2010

The exhibition Mobile World Congress 2010 the company Adobe Systems Incorporated announced Adobe Flash platform upgrade, and provide Adobe AIR for mobile devices. This platform is a unified operating environment for running stand-alone applications developed within the project Open Screen Project - industry-wide project, led by Adobe, which includes around 70 partners. With the support platform Android, which will be implemented in 2010, AIR provides developers with a full range of capabilities to deliver a variety of applications outside of mobile browser for multiple operating systems through mobile portals and shopping applications. AIR uses a platform-specific features for mobile player Flash Player 10.1, optimized for high performance on mobile screens and allows you to use their own capabilities of mobile devices for more convenient user interaction.

However, Adobe announced that the beta version of Flash Player 10.1 player is now available for content providers and developers of mobile applications worldwide. Player Flash Player 10.1, an official release which will be held in the first half of 2010, will be the first version of a unified working environment Open Screen Project and will provide opportunities for viewing Web pages with multimedia applications, content and HD-videos on various media, including new Tablet devices, smart phones, netbooks, smartbukah, desktop computers and other electronic equipment. As the number of mobile platforms, which will fully support the player Flash Player includes Android, BlackBerry, Sybian OS, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile.

Adobe AIR platform allows developers to build Web applications that can run without a browser. Adobe AIR platform for mobile devices supporting the specific functions of the mobile operating system and the device itself - multitouch technology, intellectual recognition input, accelerometer, and the definition of the orientation of the screen. With the Flash platform and tools of Adobe Creative Suite developers and publishers, content providers can create, test and deliver applications on different devices and operating systems, using the same toolkit and API for all platforms.