Apple Aperture 3 - more than 200 new features

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Apple introduced a new version of Aperture, designed to edit, manage, and print photos. In Aperture 3 states, more than 200 innovations. The most notable of them - a person, place, and brush for precise retouching. Function "Faces" allows to organize your photos using technology to recognize and identify individuals. So you can easily and quickly find thousands of photographs of a certain person. Once discovered and recognize someone's face, the function of "Faces" can remember it and then scan the entire fotoarhiv or individual projects and find all the photos man. She can even find a person in the group pictures.

"Places" uses GPS data to sort and view your pictures by location, you can find these places on an interactive map. "Brushes" provide an accurate retouching with brushes, not destructive path and recognizing the region. Brushes will help to create a wide range of effects for the selective adjustment of photos. Similarly, controlling the size, firmness and force pressing each brush, you can edit only the desired area of the photo, leaving others untouched. For example, you can slightly darken the green palm leaf lying on the beach, to slightly reduce the exposure and make it not so bright, while not changing the rest of the photos. Or, you can lighten his shadow, slightly increasing the exposure at this point to highlight the sand.

It also provides presets of image correction, several dozen professional effects processing, plus your own custom, full-screen web browser, multimedia slide shows with photos, videos in HD, subtitles and multilayer soundtracks, and much more. Cost Aperture 3 is $ 199, and updates - $ 99.


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