Bluetooth Headset Jabra EXTREME with enhanced noise-canceling

Monday, February 22, 2010

Company GN Netcom (brand Jabra) introduced a new Bluetooth headset Jabra EXTREME. This device provides high-quality and natural voice in extreme outdoor conditions. New noise reduction technology Noise Blackout Extreme helps the user to maintain a conversation in the noisiest public places. This additional adjustment will not need sound - headset supports auto-adjust the volume. The interviewer also will hear only recognizable voice - without the extraneous noise and distortion.

In 2008, GN Netcom introduced the system of "intelligent noise reduction» Noise Blackout, first tested its know-how in the headset for mobile phones. The system uses a pair of microphones that recognize voice of the user and translates it, "cleansing" of the background noise. Moreover, the technology eliminates the characteristic metallic rustling, which often occur with noise-canceling devices. Noise Blackout Extreme - a new generation of technology, based on the work of powerful silicon MEMS microphones. The system removes background sounds volume to 24 dB, whereas the previous generation Noise Blackout managed to deal with noise to 12 dB.

With Noise Blackout Extreme Headset "recognizes" the voice of the owner in the noise of the crowd or a busy highway during rush hour, adjust the volume to the desired level and translates the other person. DSP provides high quality digital audio, and technology eSCO improves voice quality of mobile phone headsets. Moreover, Jabra EXTREME protects the user from the high acoustic loads, "cutting off" loud and sharp sound on the telephone line.

Due to the technology through A2DP headset, you can listen to mono MP3-player, iPod, computer and any other media resources, supports Bluetooth, alone or with a Bluetooth adapter. If while listening to music on mobile phone receive a call, playing the audio file is automatically suspended, and after the conversation - resumes. With the help of technology Multiuse headset Jabra EXTREME can simultaneously connect to two devaysa maintaining Profile Bluetooth, for example, to the phone and laptop. The set includes two BTE bow and car charger. Bluetooth Headset Jabra EXTREME will be available in Russia in April. Recommended market price of devices - 3490 rubles.

Jabra EXTREME Specifications:

* Support for Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (enhanced data rated) and eSCO
* Technology Noise Blackout Extreme with two microphones
* Technology Multiuse: pairing with two devices at once
* Technology of Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for listening to audio files
* Automatically adjusts the sound level
* Protecting the user from the high acoustic load
* Slider to turn on / off device
* Two ways to mount - in the ear by using ear inserts Ultimate-Fit Eargels; two flexible BTE bow
* Opening hours without recharging - talk time 5.5 hours, standby 10.5 days
* Dimensions - 47 x 18,5 x 27,5 mm
* Weight - 10 grams