Cameras SIGMA DP1x, SIGMA DP2s and SIGMA SD15 from Sigma Corporation

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If the main theme of last week was the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, then this week, major news is expected from the photo exhibition PMA 2010. So the company Sigma Corporation has announced an upgrade of its DP Series and output DSLRs SIGMA SD15.

Compact camera SIGMA DP1x is replacing the model DP1, which was introduced in March 2008. The idea of the model was the use of technology tsifrozerkalnyh vehicles in the compact upper class. DP1x implements the same principle - it is equipped with a graphics processor TRUE II, the same as installed in the chambers Sigma DP2 and SD15s mirror. The new graphics processor reduces the image processing, has a new AF algorithm, providing greater speed. In addition, the user interface has been unified with a series of DP2, by changing the settings menu and the introduction of a button QS (Quick Setup).

Like SIGMA DP1x is the successor of DP1, camera SIGMA DP2s replaces DP2, submitted in April 2009. This model is distinguished by the use of 14-megapixel matrix FOVEON X3 with three layers (resolution 2652 x 1768 x 3 layers). Differences from the earlier models are modified autofocus, power saving mode and reworked the rear panel, which, according to developers, makes it easy to work with the camera. In addition, the camera comes with the program SIGMA Photo Pro4.0, allowing to optimize the processing of images taken with this model, and proposes a whole range of additional accessories (viewfinders, adapters, etc.).

DSLRs SIGMA SD15 is a typical representative of his class in a fairly large, but ergonomic. She also has a matrix FOVEON X3, which allows the exact transfer all shades of RGB colors at each pixel has three layers. In stock and GPU TRUE II, accelerating the processing of the images. The camera supports SD-memory card formats and has a 3-inch LCD screen with improved visibility in the sun. There are 77-segment AE sensor and AFE, and the lifetime of the shutter is determined in 100 000 positives.