Dell OptiPlex XE - a specialized, adaptable PC

Monday, February 22, 2010

DELL announced a highly adaptable desktop PC for OEM manufacturers and retailers OptiPlex XE. PCs designed to work in harsh conditions such as high fever, severe dust and clock operation. As promised manufacturer, the system is easily integrated into solutions for medical carts, video rental kiosks, shops and other special conditions that require a simple remote control and long-term reliable operation.

Among the main features of the product include:

* Operating temperature up to +55 ° C - set for additional ventilation and the possibility of "almost universal installation" making the product suitable for use indoors, while the standard ports are protected from dust the special cover, and an additional filter helps to reduce system downtime during remove dust.
* Durability and stability of the system - 3,5-year cycle of life and managed the transition easier maintaining a coherent system environment when planning future upgrades.
* Support for operating systems Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, and POSReady (added after the release) and Ubuntu Linux (only in China).
* Wide range of supported peripherals - Built-in support for PS / 2, serial (RS-232), VGA and up to seven connections USB, including USB and serial interface with power supply.
* Capacity at a comfortable, serviced without tools hull structure; optional services available to Dell ProSupport for IT Fast Track Dispatch with quick access to spare parts and service, remote control systems Broadcom TruManage and built-in monitoring to reduce downtime.
* Ability to ensure security and data protection - such as full disk encryption, the probe penetration into the body, but also supports RAID 1 - help organizations protect their assets and data.
* Environmentally friendly power with an efficiency of 88%, system settings supply Dell Energy Smart (choice of configurations) and compliance with standards of Energy Star 5. 0 and EPEAT Gold.

Through its OEM, Dell offers OEM partner solutions from the complete customization and resale OptiPlex XE under its own brand to the integration of the factory, as well as personalized service and support worldwide. In addition, the range of additional integrated solutions Dell Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) extends from the customer-centric technologies to the automated trading systems, data storage administration. Dell OptiPlex XE can be ordered at a price of $ 709.