Europeans will be able to choose the browser in Windows next week

Monday, February 22, 2010

Microsoft has announced at next week's program, which provides the right choice for European users of the browser Windows. We have already reported that under a broad agreement between Microsoft and the Commission made last fall, Redmond company has committed to embed a copy of Windows, sold in the European market, a special selection screen (Ballot Screen).

This screen appears after installing the operating system, Windows 7 and offers a choice list of several browsers. In addition, the same option will be implemented and to update the software platforms for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Thus, European Windows users can at the very beginning of work to choose a browser to taste and convenience.

Of course, users are able to put yourself on the computer that the browser, which they like. However, many prefer not to search is as good, and use the browser installed in the Windows operating system by default (currently Internet Explorer). In addition, the corporate law of many companies prohibit the installation of an independent third-party software on the working machines. Thus, IE now enjoys virtually a monopoly on Windows PC, which aroused dissatisfaction with European regulators.

However, as early as next week, Microsoft began testing an expanded selection function browser in Windows, and the European launch of technology Ballot Screen to take place around March 1. In this selection screen will be presented to all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. According to statistics from Statcounter, IE now has 45.5 per cent of the European browser market, Firefox - 39,2 percent, Chrome - 6,3 percent, Opera - 4,3 percent, and Safari - 3,7 percent.