FairPlay returns - Apple revive DRM protection in e-books for the iPad

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

According to the authoritative newspaper The Los Angeles Times, Apple has plans to revive the digital rights management technology (Digital Rights Management, DRM), known as FairPlay, for use in electronic copies of books intended for planshetnika iPad. Recall, this Tablet PC, announced in late January, is positioned, including, and as a device for reading electronic versions of books and periodicals, which can be purchased in the online store iBookStore.

Protection of FairPlay DRM technology is already familiar to longtime users of the service iTunes Store, where it protects the acquisition of musical compositions from illegal copying. In other words, the files are protected by technology, FairPlay, can not be an arbitrary number of times copied to other computers, which naturally raises many questions and complaints from users. It is no accident Apple a year ago, partially removed DRM protection and now sells as normal, musical compositions, which can be disposed of at their discretion, and protected files. However, not all songs are available without DRM protection, in addition, some protected files will cost consumers less. Among other things, technology FairPlay still stands guard acquired from the iTunes Store TV shows and movies.

According to sources in the publishing industry, many publishers seek to benefit from the protection of FairPlay DRM to combat piracy, rightly fearing that purchase electronic copies of popular books and publications will immediately become the property of the general public through various file-sharing services. At the same time, the company O'Reilly Media, known as a publisher of technical literature and an open critic of DRM, probably, abstain from the introduction of such protection in their books. Apple itself has remained silent on the subject, although it is clear that the use of FairPlay DRM protection in selling books for iPad is a very welcome step for most publishers.