First communicators based on Windows Phone 7 Series will appear in October

Monday, February 22, 2010

We have already reported on last Monday, the announcement of the new mobile operating system from Microsoft named Windows Phone 7 Series. At the same time there was an information that the first devices based on this software platform must be submitted prior to the season of Christmas sales this year.

And now become known over the exact date of release communicator with Windows Phone 7 Series on the board. A senior Microsoft Alfredo Patron (Alfredo Patron) told in a recent interview that the first such devices should appear on store shelves in October-December. This means that we can probably buy them already eight months.

In addition, Alfredo Patron talked about some interesting features of the mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series. His words confirm the previously published information to support devices running Windows Phone 7 Series is certain games Xbox LIVE, and that developers will have to completely rewrite their applications to ensure their compatibility with the new platform.