Fujitsu F-04B - modular phone into two parts, stayed for magnets

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Industry mobile devices in Japan is one of the advanced in the world. From time to time, engineers from Japan are pleased with us an interesting solution. Recently there an update on the Fujitsu F-04B - modular phone with a new industry for the form factor.

This phone, which went on LG Versa in modular telefonostroenii, consists of two parts, which are held together with magnets.

The base unit includes a 3.4-inch touch screen, 12.2 (!) Megapixel camera, second camera for video calls, an accelerometer, an interface for connecting Blu-ray recorder, support for working with the electronic purse. Another part, also with an accelerometer on board, can work as digital keyboard, or as a QWERTY-keyboard.

The two modules interact with each other via Bluetooth. Fujitsu F-04B has another pair of interesting features: because the microphone and speaker are located in both modules, you can talk on the "keyboard", as part of the phone with a camera placed in his other hand for more convenient use of function of the video calls. Or you can tachksrinom module (there is a transceiver) put in place a better reception, for example, on the sill, and at the same time to go to another part of the apartment, so to chat.

Despite the fact that the phone all the time using Bluetooth, with the words Fujitsu, the phone can handle up to 2000 hours in standby and 500 minutes of talk time.

Buy Fujitsu F-04B can be in the network NTT DoCoMo, beginning with the month of March this year and costs 660 dollars. The rest of the world remains "smoking nervously on the sidelines" as the phone outside of Japan probably will not apply ...