Gesture Cube - the user interface of the future

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Only started to get used to a touch screen, as developers offer us new types of user interfaces. IDENT Technology Company is offering a new technology for the implementation of a new generation of user interfaces.

Technology GestIC allows you to manage devices, determining the position of the hands and fingers in the electromagnetic field around devaysa. His vision of the implementation of this technology, they demonstrated on the example of Gesture Cube - media cube, each side of which has its own functions (listening to music, view messages, Internet access, etc.).

For a more natural communication with gadgets, the company also offers technology Ultra Low Power Proximity (ULPP), which allows you to automatically activate the device, if you take it in your hands, for example, or go into standby mode in an inactive state.

Familiarize themselves with the technology company IDENT Technology will be at the exhibition Mobile World Congress-2010 (Sector Innovation Zone (7MIZ20)).

It would be generally interesting and useful if it were possible to calibrate the interface methods to gymnastics or boxing :-)

Better acquainted with the wonders of technology "can Watch the video below.