Gigabyte showed M1405 laptop at Taipei Game Show

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two months ago, when submitting a laptop M1305, the company demonstrated Gigabyte and concept laptop with an additional graphics card. The idea was that the ultra-mobile PC user enjoys all the advantages of compactness of the device, and when the need arises - it connects to the docking station (called Booktop), which, in addition to extra USB, HDMI and DVI ports, there is a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT220 and DDR3 RAM: 1 GB.

The solution suggested for those who have the need for and the game and the business notebook. The model M1305, worth about $ 1200 c dock, goes on sale in Singapore next month. Prior to the model on the market Gigabyte introduced and M1405, which is characterized by a thin shell and 14-inch screen. Moreover, in addition to the regular 6-cell battery can be attached 3-cell battery module, which will increase battery life.