Google is developing a voice translator for mobile devices

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google is developing a voice translator for mobile devices. He will be able to translate words or phrases, spoken voice, and "verbalize" their equivalent in another language. Moreover, the system itself will be able to recognize a foreign language and provide translation into your native language, and vice versa. Apparently, in the long term, the translation will be automatically carried out during a telephone conversation. At the moment, Google already has a computer word translator with support for 52 languages, which is constantly updated.

Apparently, the existing operating time will help Google create and voice translator. Although, in comparison with the automatic translation of text, this is a difficult task, especially when it comes to real-time. According to Franz Oka (Franz Och), which oversees the department of translation services to Google, mobile voice translator that will work well enough, planned for the next few years. And then, when it is used, it will be improved. No specific software platforms Ok not mentioned, apparently, over time, this software will be available for all major mobile operating systems.