Hard disks for desktop PCs with a capacity of 2.5 TB can occur before the end of the year

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Japanese company TDK, known as a supplier of heads for different hard drives in its roadmap predicts a further increase capacity HDD drives during the current year. For example, in the near future should wait for a wafer capacity of 640 GB. Recall now the maximum amount of plates for size 3.5-inch hard drives of 500 GB.

Application of new plates should begin next month, and their implementation by all the leading manufacturers of hard drives is expected to be held by November. Naturally, increasing capacity of each plate with 500 to 640 GB and have a positive impact on the characteristics of 3.5-inch drives, allowing companies to issue and sell the HDD with a volume of 2.5 terabytes (four plates) or even 3 TB (five plates ).

With regard to the hard drive form factor 2.5-inch, used mainly in notebook computers, are expected introduction of plates with a capacity of 375 GB. At present, the maximum capacity of 2.5-inch wafers, we recall, is equal to 320 GB. Certain companies will be able to start production of such plates as early as this month, which will increase the capacity of hard drives for notebooks up to 750 GB (using two plates).

The introduction of plates with a capacity of 375 GB in the production of 2.5-inch hard drive needs to happen quickly enough, and all producers should have them in stock in October. Thus, in the pre-New Year season in 2010 we can expect to see 3.5-inch hard drives 2.5 terabytes of capacity and 2.5-inch hard drives with a capacity of 750 GB, respectively, intended for the segment of desktop PCs and notebooks. True, the cost of these products, as all new items, will surely be costly