Kingmax Super Stick Star - handmade USB flash drive with Swarovski crystals

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In February, begins a succession of holidays, they need gifts for loved ones, and not very people - friends, colleagues and so on. USB flash drive Kingmax Super Stick Star handmade with Swarovski crystals may be a suitable option for the role of a pleasant and useful a present.

As the company Kingmax, each element of the metal case is processed and verified by hand to prevent it scratches and fingerprints. For these models shown in metal and crystals only the highest quality. The drive comes with a small elegant pocket made from soft leather. Compact size and the opening of the drive system guarantees the protection and long life.

Flash drive Kingmax Star has two colors - chrome and gold, with a storage capacity of 4 to 32 GB. Gold model ( "Socialite Gold") issued a limited edition. All Kingmax products are certified CE and FCC, meet the requirements of EU ROHS, support Windows Ready Boost and are compatible with Windows 7 from Microsoft.