Kingston has begun shipping high-speed SDHC memory card Class 10

Monday, February 22, 2010

Company Kingston Digital, a division of Kingston Technology on the development of flash memory, today announced a new SDHC memory card Class 10. New memory card, which will begin deliveries of 26 February 2010, have a capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB. These memory cards are fully compliant with the specifications of Class Performance 10. They provide a reading speed of up to 22 MB / sec and write speed 18 MB / sec.

Memory Cards Kingston SDHC Class Performance 10 are designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of the specification SD Association Specification 3.00 with a guaranteed minimum data transfer rate of 10 MB / sec. The new memory cards are a suitable solution for use in the latest camcorders and cameras. However, Kingston recommends that customers use a special tool Kingston Memory Search to check compatibility with digital devices. At Kingston SDHC memory card Class Performance 10 is a lifetime warranty and round the clock technical support.