LG GT350: phone with touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard for users of social networks

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

South Korean company LG Electronics announced a new mobile phone model with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a large 3-inch touchscreen LCD display - GT350, which is the successor to this model as KS360, and is designed with the words producer, primarily for communication, which also has a number of applications for access to popular social networks and services.

Differences GT350 from its predecessor are a number of improvements that raised the first modernization of applications for instant messaging, as well as applications for access to social networks. In addition, the improvement has been subjected to and the keyboard, which, instead of three rows of keys represented by four. Unlike some touch-sensitive controls in the KS360, a new unit is fully equipped with touch control on a widescreen 3-inch display in the GT350.

However, the greatest strength of GT350 is a "social" - his entire interface is optimized for social networks, offering full integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter, where all the information from them grouped and displayed on one screen. This allows easier tracking of the online status of friends and promptly respond to messages received. For access to social networks in the GT350 is a separate button, as well as for e-mail, Internet browser and instant messaging programs.

Home sales LG GT350, which will be available in six different colors, is scheduled for April manufacturer in Europe with subsequent expansion of the market.