Microsoft Zune music / video services going wherever Windows Phone 7 Series goes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good news came for those who wants to buy a digital media player Zune HD, but beware doing so by the fact that music and video services associated with this interesting device, available in most countries. In the near future, promise to Microsoft, Zune services will, wherever will officially attend communicator with Windows Phone 7 Series on the board.

As stated Kazei McGee (Casey McGee), serving in Microsoft's senior marketing manager (Senior Marketing Manager), music and videoervisy Zune will be available in all countries, which will be delivered communicators operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. However, the list of these countries have not yet provided.

Recall, a software platform Windows Phone 7 Series, recently announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, brings the ability to integrate music and video Zune, a device based on it should be available by year's end. So, given step Microsoft Zune for the withdrawal of services on the international arena is quite logical and reasonable. In addition, the Redmond corporation said that some Xbox games will run on devices running Windows Phone 7 Series.