MWC: Huawei demonstrates LTE network at speeds up to 600 MB / s

Monday, February 15, 2010

On passing now Mobile World Congress (MWC 2010) shows a telecommunications network, built on the basis of the latest protocol of an Advanced LTE. Achievable with pumping speed of 600 MB / s to 20 times higher than existing commercial third-generation networks and allows you to download 4 GB of DVD-movie in less than a minute.

Using highly MIMO-technology in the network of an Advanced LTE, increases the efficiency of transmission at five times, by reducing costs. The system also includes CoMP receipt and transmission, which allows you to receive signals directly from multiple base stations. Currently, the system passes through standardization project 3GPP, a significant improvement in the protocol 3GPP LTE. The final version will include features such as global roaming, compatibility of services, compatibility with other radio systems and high speed data transfer for the services and applications (100 Mbps for high and 1 Gbps for low mobility).