Navitel Navigator - now available on Symbian

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JSC "CNT" presented Symbian-version of navigation software "Navitel Navigator" with the support of free service "Navitel.Probki. Navitel Navigator for Symbian - is a precise navigation system, including a free service "Navitel.Probki, data on traffic police surveillance cameras (SPEEDCAM), three-dimensional model of road junctions and important buildings.

"Navitel Navigator" includes a detailed map of Russia - more than 45 000 cities and settlements, more than 780 cities and settlements, with detailed plans and targeted the urban road network. For "Navitel Navigator" is available with a detailed map of cities and settlements, with a detailed "before the House of Moscow and Leningrad regions. Map of Moscow brought servants with detailed directions. In the presence of an extensive database of useful objects POI - more than 250 000 stations, traffic police, cafes, supermarkets, hotels, etc. Also, "Navitel Navigator" allows you to use the card, created and updated by the users themselves, in the cartographic editor GPSMapEdit. Users can official detailed maps of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus for Navitel, with support service "Navitel.Probki" throughout the maps, not just in major cities.

Navitel Navigator for Symbian smartphones Features :
  • "Navitel.Probki. Free interactive service on the territory of all the official maps for the "Navitel.
  • "Navitel. SMS". Free online service for the exchange of coordinates between the users of the program.
  • Three-dimensional mapping - significant architectural objects and road junctions throughout the coverage maps
  • Warning system places greater emphasis SPEEDCAM
  • Simple, intuitive interface and customizable navigation software
  • Voice prompts, intelligent search engine on the map
  • Ability to create and download alternative "skins" program, as well as packets of voice prompts
  • Ability to use informal (own or third party) cards of any city or country
  • Adjustable display filter POI, support for working with tracks
  • Free software updates "Navitel Navigator"

The cost of the navigation program "Navitel Navigator for Symbian starts from 700 rubles:

  • "Navitel Navigator 3. Region + ": The full version of" Navitel Navigator "support services" Navitel.Probki "and" Navitel.SMS ", with map 1 region of Russia on the user's choice
  • "Navitel Navigator 3" with a detailed map of the whole of Russia, or Ukraine or the Republic of Belarus to complete, with support services "Navitel.Probki", and "Navitel.SMS"
  • "Navitel Navigator 3. Commonwealth: navigation program "Navitel Navigator" with a set of maps for the whole of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in one set, including a seamless routing between the countries, and costs 3340 rubles.