New GPS-navigators teXet TN-501 and TN-501B equipped with a new map AVTOSPUTNIK Russia

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

teXet TN-501 and TN-501BT - navigators average price range with a 4.3-inch display. Modification of the TN-501BT supplemented with FM-transmitter and Bluetooth-module with handsfree profiles and DUN-GPRS, allowing use antiprobochny service, online monitoring and other online services AVTOSPUTNIK.

Navigators run on the latest version of Windows CE 6.0. With GPS-receiver SiRF 3i + with 64 receiving channels and new technology SiRF InstantFixII fast start and positioning devices are protected against errors in the signal in terms of poor reception due to dense building, complex terrain, clouds. For the convenience of working with files, models are equipped with 2 GB of internal memory and interface USB 2.0.

Included with the device first map of Russia comes from Geocentre-Consulting for AVTOSPUTNIK with 6 months of free updates. Mainstreaming maps are produced weekly, including prohibitions driveways, one-way traffic, the new road. Actively take into account the comments provided by users of the program AVTOSPUTNIK. Coverage maps (release of December 2009) consists of 30 regional cities with detail to the house number, more than 30 areas with detailed coverage, other regions in the scale 1:1 000 000. Map Geocentre-Consulting supports Yandeks.Probki, online updates.


Tablet PC accessories said...

I have motorcycles zumo 220. The device has a 3.5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels, which responds to touch of hands, even if they are wearing gloves. Navigator is enclosed in a durable and protected from the penetration of gasoline or water body. He has a slot for memory cards microSD. Also, the manufacturer said that the maps recorded speed limit for most major routes. It should be noted that a system pronunciation turns when going to the specified address, as well as loudly give away the names of streets.