NVIDIA Optimus - new technology for notebooks

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NVIDIA Corporation today introduced its new technology NVIDIA Optimus, designed for notebooks, which selects the best graphics processor for the current application and automatically shifts the burden either on the discrete GPU NVIDIA, either integrated graphics, ensuring high performance with maximum battery life.

The meaning of this technology, the company presents the following key: "Just as hybrid cars choose between gasoline and electric motor technology NVIDIA Optimus selects between GPUs. Technology NVIDIA Optimus instantly transfers the load to the optimal processor, increasing the battery life of up to two times (eg R840 consumes about 8 watts in standby mode + FB - 9.6 watts total 17.6 Вт. Optimus CULV + GT215 consumes only 8 watts, while GT215 off altogether. 8 watts, compared with 17.6 W - is energy savings of more than 2 times compared to similar systems with a discrete GPU). For 3D gaming, video and computing on the GPU using a high-performance discrete processor NVIDIA. For basic applications, such as browsing or mail, using integrated graphics. The result - long battery life without sacrificing performance devices.

Notebooks with NVIDIA Optimus technology will soon be on the market, the early warnings will model Asus UL50Vf, N61Jv, N71Jv, N82Jv and U30Jc.