Pentax Optio W90: protected compact camera is not afraid of water and frost

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hoya Corporation Pentax introduced the Optio W90 - protected by a solid 12-megapixel camera. This camera can take still photographs and video underwater at a depth of 6 meters at least 2 hours, and if an additional purchase for the Optio W90 underwater boxing, you can even shoot at a depth of 60 meters. Along with the class of waterproof IPX 8 (or Class 8 standard JIS) CD has the resistance characteristics and can withstand impact from a fall from a height of 1.2 m, without prejudice to the appearance and stuffing. The ends of the chamber are made of soft blows extinguishing material, which additionally provides a reliable hold the camera in wet hands. Endurance Optio W90 is also provided increased protection from dust IPX 6 (JIS Class 6). In addition, the camera operates in the cold as minus 10 degrees.

Optio W90 is equipped with 5-fold wide-angle zoom lens with a focal length of 28-140 mm (equivalent to 35mm format). Special mode of the digital microscope "allows you to capture subjects that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Zoom facility helps digital zoom, the complexity of lighting help to overcome the 3 LEDs surrounding the lens.

The compact camera can shoot video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, 30 frames per second, with sound and stabilization. To view the footage on the big TV has a HDMI output. In addition, in-camera for the footage you can apply basic editing functions, for example, to extract one frame video and add it as a title at the beginning or end of your title, and even effectively slow to capture events occurring (running clouds blossoming flower) by using the interval shooting.

During photographic processing Optio W90 monitors image shift, registers the appearance of the effect of lubrication and with a software filter restores the image. In low light, either automatically or manually (depending on settings), select the increased sensitivity of the matrix (up to ISO 6400). With 2.7-inch netuskneyuschemu in the bright sun the LCD monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio you can comfortably view the captured images. For wireless transmission of images and videos into your computer with technology Wi-Fi, camera optimized to work with the cards Eye-Fi, which can be installed instead of the conventional SD memory cards. Camera can be controlled using the acquired additional new infrared remote control, which is also protected from moisture. Of the additional features can be noted and an alarm clock function, as well as a voice recorder mode. The kit includes the camera strap with a carbine, with which the camera can be securely fasten to a backpack, to a belt or other sports equipment. Sales Pentax Optio W90 will begin in the spring for about $ 330.