Phone Sagem Cosyphone for the older generation with the support of NFC

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The company Sagem Wireless announced Cosyphone - a simple piece for users aged 50 years. It has a large display with clear symbols and numeric keypad with large buttons. The Company is not told in detail about the characteristics of Cosyphone. However, we know that this device is one important feature: it supports contactless technology, NFC. According to Sagem, this will simplify the handling of the phone for older people.

Assumed that it will be possible to create multiple cards with the most frequently used contacts or services. And instead of every time you want to search contacts or function in the menu, the user can bring to card to the phone and get quick access to the necessary content. Cards can be both standard and customized by the user. Obviously, they will be sold together with Cosyphone. It is not clear when and where the model goes on sale and how much it will cost. We only know that Sagem Cosyphone be sold through the operators.