Samsung Monte S5620: sensor control, road design and tight integration with social networks

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially announced a new model of mobile phone with touch controls - Samsung Monte, also known under the symbol S5620.

This model, with the words producer, is the center of multimedia entertainment with the performance and appearance of top models, but at an affordable price. Samsung Monte prompts the user to take advantage of an intuitive touch user interface user TouchWiz 2.0 Plus, close integration with social networks, including Facebook and MySpace and with the help of advanced Twitter and Bebo widgets, and also functions to simultaneously support multiple systems for the rapid exchange of messages - allows you to communicate with friends and acquaintances in real time. In addition, built-in Internet browser, thanks accelerometer to automatically change the orientation of pages, depending on how the current point in time the phone is rotated.

Another advantage of the new items presented in terms of its integration with social networking sites is the presence of pre-applications from Google with a GPS navigation - Google Locator (Google Latitude), where it is possible to view the location of their friends and tell them about his. Availability of support allows you to use GPS to geotag photos, thus indicating the geographical position of shots taken. Among other functions, also noted the possibility of Samsung Monte operate in Wi-Fi networks, as well as the use of postal services such as Exchange ActiveSync and Google Sync.

Well, to demonstrate all these features the phone has a large widescreen 3-inch LCD display, which also can be controlled and the process of photo / video capture built 3.2 megapixel camera.