Server CPU Intel Itanium 9300 officially presented

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intel introduced the Itanium processor 9300 series, previously codenamed Tukwila, which offer 2-4 times more performance than previous generation processors, massive scalability and new features to protect against accidents. Servers with processors Intel Itanium, designed for mission-critical tasks, using 80% of the companies included in the rating of Global 100.

Intel Itanium processor 9300 designed taking into account the needs of companies in powerful servers with the possibility of expansion. They contain twice as many cores as compared to the previous generation (four versus two) and a larger cache. As the producer, the rate of exchange of data between cores on 800% faster speed with the RAM increased by 500%, supported by 700% times the amount of RAM DDR3. The series includes models with clock speeds ranging from 1.33 GHz to 1.73 GHz, up to 24 MB cache and a TDP of 130 to 185 Tues

In addition to the flexible architecture, Intel Itanium 9300 offer new opportunities to improve the reliability, availability and serviceability. These features are designed to meet the processor design, including realized it technology Intel QuickPath Interconnect, and the memory subsystem. The processor architecture monitors and controls the behavior of the system to errors in hardware, firmware and operating system, significantly reducing the likelihood of data corruption and helping to rebuild the system when errors occur that can not be corrected. 9300 Itanium processor technology support Intel Virtualization Technology of the second generation with a high capacity and performance data. Chipset Intel 7500 while working with virtual machines is able to assign I / O device information directly, increasing the efficiency of the system.

As promised manufacturer, Intel Itanium next generation, code-named Poulson will have improved multi-core architecture, advanced instruction set, with new features to improve reliability, the ability to handle multiple data streams simultaneously. Poulson and other future processors Intel Itanium, now under development, are designed in such a way as to ensure compatibility with existing software and hardware, including CPU slot for Intel Itanium 9300. Thus, users can increase the productivity of existing systems for solving problems of critical importance by updating the components without recompiling.

Family Itanium 9300, as processors Nehalem EX, expected in the near future, using the same components of the platform Intel QuickPath Interconnect, Intel Scalable Memory Interconnect, Intel 7500 Scalable Memory Buffer (in order to obtain the benefits that the standard is DD3), and total controller I / O (Intel 7500). Common elements can help reduce development costs and production, and accelerate progress. In addition, they allow customers to use the same tools for virtualization, management and control power consumption and heat on both architectures.

Enhanced Demand-Based Switching (DBS) reduces the consumption of electrical energy at a low startup. Technology Intel Turbo Boost Technology automatically increases the CPU performance when needed, and lowers when it is not necessary to reduce power consumption.


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