Servers and storage DEPO with 2 TB hard drives

Monday, February 22, 2010

Company DEPO Somputers reported the appearance of new modifications of the storage DEPO Storage 2000 and 3000 series and multi-disk server DEPO Storm 3300S3 with hard drives capacity of 2 TB each. They differ from similar models of the doubling in the disk subsystem - up to 48 terabytes in a single system that allows their use as an alternative to set "server + SAN JBOD", thus saving up to 25% of its value at purchase.

Server DEPO Storm 3300C3 with support for Intel Xeon processor 5500 has a height of 3U and can be installed in a 19-inch rack. Disk subsystem server may include up to 16 hard drives SATA / SAS with hot-swappable and combining them into a RAID-arrays of different levels.

Storage Systems DEPO Storage Server 3000 Series drives are SATA or SAS, and are intended for use as network-attached storage NAS. They can be expanded at the expense of storage DEPO Storage JBOD Series 2000. When using, for example, a SAN DEPO Storage Server 3124, and four SAN DEPO Storage JBOD 2024 disk 2 TB total capacity of the NAS can reach 192 terabytes.

All new versions are very reliable and trouble-free operation by means of duplication and redundancy of all critical components and capabilities to consolidate large amounts of information, providing high speed access to them.