Symbian Foundation officially announced the new version of the operating system S ^ 3

Monday, February 15, 2010

Organization Symbian Foundation has introduced a new version of the mobile platform open source software - Symbian ^ 3 (short name - S ^ 3), the final specifications for which are going to adopt before the end of this quarter. Among the innovations of the new version appear more convenient and advanced interface, support for high-speed networking, two-and three-dimensional graphics accelerators as well as their programs and games, HDMI interface, Multi-Touch interface, multiple home screens (HomeScreen) and the concurrent operation of more applications .

As expected, the first device based on the new platform will appear later this year.

Among the significant improvements in S ^ 3privodyatsya are:

  • Support HDMI, allowing viewing Full HD (1080p) video on TV without the use of third-party players
  • Integrated search and identification of music tracks to follow their possible purchase
  • Improved memory management
  • New 2D/3D architecture with support for OpenGL ES
  • Support for fourth generation networks
  • Connecting to network services a one-time pressing