Three platforms for Windows Phone 7

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Concept of the operating system for smartphones was presented by Microsoft at the MWC 2010 show last week. Thus, in the hands of the representatives of the company had a prototype phone, which worked under the control of the OS. However, no details as to that of a given model is, say no. Defines neither the manufacturer nor indicative capacity apparatus. Now, from informal sources it became known that the Windows Phone 7 prepares three platforms at once. This is the first primary, and two others made "in reserve" and their implementation as a commercial product may not take place.

The first platform, according to Mary-Jo Fuli (Mary-Jo Foley), is a smartphone with a large touchscreen and a processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. Whether Snapdragon, is not yet clear, but it is quite possible. This device receives a separate graphics card and will be 100% represented in the pre-New Year period of 2010.

Platform number 2 is described as similar to Palm Treo phone. In this model, we can expect side-sliding QWERTY-keyboard, touch screen and the possibility of receiving podcasts. Concerning the third model, the information is much less. Apparently, its characteristics are not fully clear, but it is expected that this will be a candy bar. Also refuted earlier informed that that Microsoft has refused to open the operating system. Currently, a limited number of development dictated by the fact that the corporation is engaged in self-development unit. In the future, a significant number of applications created by third-party developers.