Windows Phone 7 Series - "from scratch", but without a full multi-tasking

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The new mobile operating system is Windows Phone 7 Series, Announced by Microsoft to the Congress Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona remains one of the hottest topics on websites and forums, one way or another connected with the provider. Let's try briefly to see what's new willing to offer us the developers in Redmond, and whether Windows Phone 7 Series expect to succeed in the mass consumer.

First of all, the operating system Windows Phone 7 Series is a completely new software platform for mobile devices, actually written "from scratch". This means that applications for existing versions of Windows Mobile simply will not work on it without appropriate emulators. In other words, developers will have to re-rewrite their programs using the new tools and a different set of API.

In addition, Windows Phone 7 Series is a set of so-called hubs (hub), each of which combines the functionality of some sort - for example, music, contacts, work with social networks, and images and so on. At the same time in the new mobile operating system appears support service Xbox LIVE, as well as music and video Zune. Start screen consists of dynamic elements (live tiles), updated over time.

Among other things, Windows Phone 7 Series will get its own application store called the Marketplace, allows you to easily search and download the needed programs to the communicator (including games). At the same time, new development, Microsoft, most likely not receive a full multi-tasking, what many consumers expected. It will embody the principle, familiar to users of iPhone, when only native applications can run in the background, but she Windows Phone 7 Series will notify the user about a particular event through the notification system. How exactly will be the work of third-party applications will be known later, perhaps at the upcoming conference MIX.