Wrist computer SpecOps WC2 received iKey keyboard

Friday, February 12, 2010

Company SpecOps summer of 2009 presented a wearable computer on hand WC2, which is designed to operate in challenging conditions. The model had a built-in keyboard, which however proved to be too inconvenient to use, because its size is not allowed to provide both adequate strength and the ability to operate when wearing gloves or other protection of hands. Therefore the government SpecOps iKey asked the company to develop an improved version of the keyboard.

Proposed iKey prototype KYB-170-OEM is a compact keyboard, the size of which does not exceed 65 x 70 x 5,6 mm. After the appropriate refinement, the model and became the basis for SpecOps WC2, providing full access to the functionality of your computer. 17-button keypad, LED backlit, executed in accordance with the standards of NEMA 4X and fully meets the standard of protection for MIL-STD-461E. In keyboard iKey offers in addition to the computer SpecOps WC2 series also protected peripheral devices.