AMD plans to release a processor for netbooks

Friday, March 12, 2010

Manufacturer of computer equipment in the near future AMD processor chip will present a series of Fusion, which will be designed for netbooks and will compete with Intel product line of Intel Atom. Inclusion of a series of processors Fusion means having integrated graphics from the company ATI, which is included in the model of AMD in 2006. The final characteristics of the processor is not yet known, but according to marketing director Nigel Dessau (Nigel Dessau), the chipset will consume 10 to 15 watts, and its performance when working with graphics will be enough to do without the extra GPU NVIDIA Ion.

It is possible that the processor will enter the so-called range of Bobcat, which is known for the roadmap, which became known in November last year. Bobcat Equipment designed for portable computers with screen sizes up to 12 inches. Currently, such devices have already released AMD Athlon Neo chip with low power consumption, but rather the product corresponds CULV-processors for notebooks, rather than netbook with Intel Atom.

At the moment did not mention either the CPU time commitment Fusion, nor its cost, nor in any netbook manufacturers it can be used. It is reported that the device is not its basis can not appear before 2011.