Began selling Internet tablet JooJoo - a potential competitor to Apple iPad

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally tablet JooJoo (an African word «joujou» - a magical object) comes to its buyer. March 29 residents of the United States, early ordered tablet will have them in their property. JooJoo, officially presented in December last year, at the very beginning of its existence was known CrunchPad and he had to sell at a price of $ 200. But, as already observed in one of history, "during the journey, the dog would grow up", the price of tablet increased to 499 dollars. Shipping tablet is only through your own website JooJoo.

Operating on its own browser-based operating system manufacturer's Fusion Garage,
paltseorientirovannomu with a simple user interface and web-based applications, the tablet is organized for easy access to Web content: news, music, videos, social networks and various Web Service. JooJoo is supposedly the largest in its class of devices display - by 12.1 inches. Tablet supports Flash 10.1, Java, has a built-in WiFi, but can not boast of 3G.
Earlier this month, tablet interface has changed slightly and now the desktop is designed in a grid of icons. Also now to work with the text available two virtual keyboards of different sizes (one of them to work with one hand). 

JooJoo expects to tear a piece of market share from Apple iPad. Tablet of Fusion Garage more (12-inch touchscreen), works on a platform NVIDIA Ion with hardware support for 1080p-Video, but has only 4 GB of memory and therefore completely focused on working with Web kontektom. Apple iPad will go on sale on April 3 this year. It is slightly smaller (touch screen by 9.7 inches), supports the playback of the standard 720p, has 64 GB of memory and is compatible with all the native software. Price for Apple iPad sostavyalet as 499 dollars.