Chip Intel Core i7 875K with the unlocked multiplier will appear in June

Monday, March 22, 2010

It seems that Intel is behind its competitors from AMD also decided that the issue processors with unlocked multiplier is not itself a bad idea. Because the manufacturer so "hooked" on their products rather large community members overclockers and PC enthusiasts than in recent years and enjoyed the company of Sunnyvale.

In the first days of June, Intel plans to introduce its new CPU Core i7 875K, which will be the first CPU with unlocked multiplier, performed as the structural LGA 1156. This processor will work with motherboards based on chipset P55, and its functionality will allow full control coefficient of frequency.

Chip Core i7 875K will have a TDP of 95 watts and will receive four processing cores, support for Turbo Boost function, and dual-channel DDR3 1333. Its clock frequency can not say for sure yet, but probably it will be close to 3 GHz, since the frequency of model Core i7 870 is 2.93 GHz. In addition, to work with this CPU will require updating the system BIOS of the motherboard, and the letter K in its name just means unlocked multiplier.


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