Controller movements Sony PlayStation Move restricted in multiplayer mode

Friday, March 12, 2010

We have already informed our readers some details about the new motion controller, Sony PlayStation Move, released in passing in the San Francisco developer conference Videogame (Game Developers Conference). In particular, representatives of Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced that the emergence on the world market of this interesting device, and an additional controller PlayStation Move should wait at the end of this year.

Thus the cost of basic kit should not exceed 100 dollars. And now become known, and some technical aspects of new development, Sony, moreover, both good and disappointing. Let's start with the bad - the controller movements Sony PlayStation Move will have limitations in multiplayer mode. In other words, while playing with the controller PlayStation Move and Sony PS3 game console will be able to not more than four people.

This limitation is due to the peculiarities of Bluetooth functionality, implemented in the console Sony PS3. Itself is a Japanese company in an interview with Gizmodo has confirmed that this game console will be able to maintain a proper controller, four PlayStation Move, or two PlayStation Move in conjunction with an additional controller, which would be necessary in some situations.

Thus, to fully play with the controller movements Sony PlayStation Move, obviously, will be only two users. As for good news, they concluded that the controller PlayStation Move practically does not load the system memory. According to Joystiq, for this device would require only 1-2 MB of free system memory.