Cooler Master shows a new computer case HAF X

Monday, March 8, 2010

Apparently, the company Cooler Master is preparing to fill his very successful line of computer cases HAF another model. In the recently concluded CeBIT exhibition in 2010, this well-known manufacturer introduced a new computer case HAF X, made in the spirit of the model HAF 932.

The main difference between HAF X from the previous model, designed for the community of enthusiasts, is the presence of a large space for graphics cards. Housing HAF X supports nine expansion slots, that is, allows you to install up to four graphics cards operating in the mode of Quad SLI or CrossFireX.

To implement such functionality, hard drive bays with hot-swap function in HAF X moved to the front panel, as is done in the computer case Obsidian 800D from Corsair. Judging by the photo the system cooling HAF X includes four 200 mm fans, one of which is placed in a transparent side window, and another located on the front face and is equipped with LED-backlit red.

In addition, two 200 mm fan found a place on the upper side of the casing, and completes the picture 140 mm fan on the rear panel. Case dimensions Cooler Master HAF X are 230 x 550 x 590 mm, while behind the motherboard tray has enough space to accommodate the cables. On the cost and date of release of this high quality computer case is not reported.