The development of Fujitsu will accelerate the work of NOR memory and reduce its energy consumption

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fujitsu has announced the development of new technology flash memory, which will make NOR-type memory with significantly improved speed retrieval of information than they can implement today's designs. In addition, for such memory will require less energy.
It is reported that the new module ensures 100 000 cycles of write-erase data. The indicator of the velocity sampling improves in two and a half times compared to existing technologies, and Fujitsu is 10 nanoseconds, and energy consumption in terms of the cell is reduced by two thirds to 9 microamperes.

Using a proprietary technology called FCRAM (fast-cycle random-access memory), developed by specialists Fujitsu, the new macro can be implemented in a microcontroller that is equipped with a built-in flash memory in the industrial and automotive sector, as well as consumer electronics.