Famous overclocker Hi Cookie left a chip Intel Core i7-980X without heat

Friday, March 26, 2010

Any computer enthusiast will say that the removal of the metal heat sink with AMD processors is only a matter of time and patience. However, in the case with most Intel chips the situation is dramatically different, because removing them from the cover heat usually leads to the destruction of the crystal.

But now the situation seems to have changed for the better. One of the most famous overclockers in the world, hiding under the moniker Hi Cookie, published on its web page on Facebook image processor Intel Core i7-980X removed from the "hat", ie without heat. This rare shot we introduce readers.

We recall, made its debut recently chip Intel Core i7-980X standards established by the 32 nm process technology and supports 12 computing threads on 6 physical cores, and its clock frequency is equal to 3,33 GHz. Crystal itself takes up only 248 mm2, ie, its area is less than the crystal of 45 nm chips Nehalem, occupies 263 mm2.