Fujitsu KBPC PX ECO - A new eco-friendly keyboard

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fujitsu Europe Ltd. introduced its first keyboard, designed with the use of renewable materials for injection molding technology - Fujitsu KBPC PX ECO. The new method of production can reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the use of plastic components. The new keyboard, 45% of components made of renewable materials rather than plastic, which provides an environmentally efficient production and reduce consumption of petroleum-based products. In addition, the new eco-friendly keyboard Fujitsu has a low price comparable to similar models, made of plastic.

As the producer, keyboard, Fujitsu KBPC PX ECO little different from plastic counterparts and just as resistant to spilled liquids. It has two main components consist of a keyboard is fully biodegradable materials. Stand for hand made from a material ARBOFORM, with the raw material for which is a mixture of lignin (a by-product processing of cellulose) and natural fibers with additives. Reason keyboard made entirely of material BIOGRADE - varieties of cellulose acetate. In full accordance with the concept of environmental security USB keyboard cable does not contain PVC. A shift to renewable materials for the production of the keyboard KBPC PX ECO, Fujitsu expects annual savings of approximately 60 tons of plastic.

Environmentally friendly keyboard not only helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment, but it provides the usability and supports the necessary functionality. Thus, the keyboard has five additional programmable buttons, which allow one click to run popular applications. Detachable palm rest plastic is warmer to the touch, and the keys themselves are ergonomically designed.


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