Google Reader Play - easy to read RSS tapes

Friday, March 12, 2010

Google has introduced an alternative program of Google Reader, which makes reading RSS is not only more convenient, but also the most adapted for Tablet devices. The new program is not the usual in-plane interface is Google Reader, and is a great browser, which turns the full screen and switch between the news with the help of virtual buttons. Syndication feed Google Reader Play gets from the list of "recommended" by the user. This web application can display photos or video service with YouTube, adjusted depending on the wishes of the user, define favorite and recommended not only by the user, but other accounts.

Google Reader Play program is experimental and not a substitute for regular Google Reader. There are currently no reported plans to commercial release, Google Reader Play, and where it will be applied. Although this software works only on PCs, but it is likely that it is designed primarily for mobile devices with touchscreen. Perhaps it has to make some kind of competition Apple iPad in the future, if the rumors about the release of a tablet from Google truthful.