Google TV will be able to work together with the existing set-top boxes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

There was fresh information about the project Google TV, rumored to be established and implemented the Internet giant, together with several other major IT companies. Recall, it is expected to create console software platform Android, which will allow consumers to access web resources on a large television screen.

According to the resource VideoNuze, Google TV device will work in conjunction with the existing set-top boxes and not to compete and, moreover, not to replace them. In other words, Google TV could simply be included in the chain between the traditional set-top boxes and HDTV, complementing their functionality its capabilities, including access to the network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection.

However, users can get Google TV access to YouTube or other video streaming services, as well as to full browsing. It is expected that although the console Google TV will be produced by Sony and will go on sale for $ 299, it will use the Android operating system and browser Chrome, but the device itself will bear the brand of Google. It is reported that the Internet giant is trying to negotiate with providers of cable and satellite television to offer their subscribers the prefix Google TV as an attachment to a package of services for an additional $ 10 - $ 15 per month.


Anonymous said...

Here is how Google TV really works;

The Logitech part of the effort is a wireless display containing Google chrome browser, you click TV objects and have the related web page display on the wireless display. The wireless display also contains the EPG. The system provides a new advertising model that takes advantage of the environment that provides both the 2 foot and the 10 foot experience. It’s smart and resolves convergence once and for all. This is the mainstream PC/STB of the future and enables Google to control most TV advertising of the future as well as the platform.