HIS launches Radeon HD 5770 version with the cooler IceQ 5

Monday, March 1, 2010

HIS has quietly introduced its own version of the video card Radeon HD 5770, equipped with a proprietary system cooling IceQ 5. Novelty called HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 and has a sufficiently long PCB is blue, and 1 GB of memory GDDR5, involving 128-bit bus with a 40 nm chip, Juniper.

Graphics Card HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 is on board the 800 stream processors and supports DirectX 11 and the mode of CrossFireX, and in the number of its interfaces and video outputs include Dual DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Mentioned cooler IceQ 5 includes three teplootvodnye tube diameter of 8 mm and a fan with blue LED lighting, illuminated with ultraviolet light.

This cooling system provides a good balance between effective cooling of the components of the video card and low noise emanating from it. This clock speeds HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 is 850 and 4800 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. In addition, also presented with the prefix option Turbo, representing adapter HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 with a factory overclocked and the frequencies of 875 and 5000 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. On the cost of these accelerators, and the date of their appearance on the market are not reported.