Lenovo is portable business notebooks ThinkPad X201 and mobile workstations ThinkPad W701 and W701ds

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Company Lenovo introduced thin and performance notebook ThinkPad X201, as well as updated mobile workstation ThinkPad W701 and W701ds. New Models Series ThinkPad X201, including a tablet laptop X201 Tablet, are based on the new Intel Core processors, and provide performance with minimum weight and size. Mobile workstation ThinkPad W701, and modification of two-screen ThinkPad W701ds use quad-core Intel Core i7 and can be equipped with a built-in Wacom tablet and color calibrator.
ThinkPad X201 - the most powerful notebook series, built on dual-core processors Intel Core i with a frequency of 2.66 GHz. Turbo Boost technology allows, if necessary, increase the frequency of the processor to 3.06 GHz. Weight model with the standard battery is 1.3 pounds, and with the extended battery laptop can work without charge to 11 hours. Despite its compact size, all series notebooks are equipped with full-size keyboard. In the model of ThinkPad X201 is possible to install the module and a modern 3G wireless adapter WiMAX / WiFi, and also available as a modification of conventional hard disk drive, and with a solid-state drive speed up to 128 GB.
ThinkPad X201s Notebooks equipped with processors Intel Core i with a frequency of up to 2,13 GHz. This is the lightest notebook series - the minimum weight of 1.12 kilograms. X201s also the most long-lived: the maximum battery life with extended 9-cell battery is 12.2 hours. All models of ThinkPad X201s are equipped display with a resolution of 1440x900 pixels.

ThinkPad X201 Tablet - universal notebook, equipped with touch-screen technology to support MultiTouch, which can operate with the touch of fingers. Ability to manage a laptop without using the keyboard and mouse is implemented not only in the Windows 7 operating system and related applications. With this program, Lenovo SimpleTap owner ThinkPad X201 Tablet can change the hardware configuration system and launch frequently used programs. Work with your computer as you can with the fingers, and using the supplied pen, convenient for handwriting text and other tasks. Like other series of notebooks, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet uses powerful modern processors and Intel Core.
For those who want extreme performance in a portable device, Lenovo offers updated workstations W-series. Notebooks ThinkPad W701 and W701ds equipped with quad-core processors Intel Core i7 with technology support Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading. Performance in graphics and video applications provides a graphical system NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800 or 3800 with 1 GB of internal memory.

ThinkPad W701 and W701ds are the only mobile workstations with 17-inch screen, equipped with a built-in color calibrator. Features is a built-in tablet and Wacom. Deserves special attention model ThinkPad W701ds - this is the second notebook Think series with two displays: the main, with a resolution FullHD, and to make further contributions to the diagonal of 10.6 inches and a resolution of 768x1280 pixels.

Notebooks ThinkPad X201, X201s and X201 Tablet will be available in Russia in April 2010. The cost models in the base configuration will be, respectively, 38 000, 55 000 and 70 000 rubles. Mobile workstations ThinkPad W701 and W701ds will be available in Russia from May 2010, their cost range from 140 000 rubles.