New Car GPS / GSM / GPRS tracker GlobusGPS GL-TR2

Friday, March 12, 2010

Company GlobusGPS announces immediate availability of a new model car GPS / GSM / GPRS tracker - GlobusGPS GL-TR2. This model, with the words producer, specifically designed and optimized for use with all types of vehicles. It allows you to determine the location of the vehicle in real time, trace route, accumulate points coordinates in the memory, in the absence of GSM communication. It says the company, GlobusGPS GL-TR2 has a good receiving sensitivity GPS signal, through the use of the receiver based on chip SIRF-Star III last generation.

With this device you can remotely monitor individual vehicle parameters such as speed of movement, remaining fuel, the availability of open doors, the status of the engine and other options, as well as manage the individual blocks of a car by connecting them through the relays to the outputs of trackers.

Main characteristics:

  • Tracking the movement of the car by SMS or GPRS (TCP / UDP)
  • Determination of the current location of the vehicle
  • Tracking the location at regular intervals
  • Ability to save the coordinates in the internal memory of up to 260 000 points
  • Built-in motion sensor to save energy
  • SOS Button
  • Control output for a certain zone
  • Notification low battery
  • Notification speeding
  • Ability to remotely disable the engine
  • Notice of loosing / restoration GPS signal
  • Notification of the device is switched
  • Logic inputs / outputs: 5 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 5 outputs